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    Problem with tribe ranks and totem information

    We got an update that says:

    The server and client have been updated with a new patch!

    This patch includes:

    - Tribe / Town info that can be set and viewed at the Tribe Totem.

    - Tribe rank system. Players will be set to default ranks. Your tribe leader (or another player who is set with rank creation permissions) will need to set custom ranks and permissions for these ranks.


    However, we haven't been able to figure out how to do any of this.

    We've been to the totem and tried to select it but nothing happens, and the person with tribal ownership hasn't been able to figure out how to even see where you can change or set tribe ranks.

    Has anyone done any of this yet?

    Edit: Do we have to create a new tribe in order to see this info?

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    Very strange!

    You should be able to right click the totem and select the tab to open the town menu. You shouldn't need to create a new tribe. Please email me when you can be in game. I will log in as your character at your totem to see what's going on.

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    Try to right click the top of the totem. When I tried it first time I was clicking on the basement of it and it didn't work.

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    I can also change it. For some reason or another the totem is intractable within three (I think three) parts- Base, pole, crossbar. The info is only accessible when interacting with the crossbar I think we'll be able to add items to the sections eventually, but it's still odd to right-click one specific section. Even f these items have their own unique abilities that you can right click to use, I still think adding a tribe info option should still be on each unique part.

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