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    Questions for the week of 1/9 through 1/15

    Any more questions?

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    Are Tools lootable in PVP?
    Seems like anyone tells different, some say yes, some no, i tested with a Friend and he told me he cant take Tools.
    At other Day a Tribemember got killed and missed 2 Tools.

    Will Tribe Alliances work inside the Game-code?
    I dont mean just say "hi, we are a alliance now", i mean something we have to do at the Totem to create a Alliance, and making PVP impossible on Alliance Tribe Land.
    Currently you can get attacked on your Friends Tribeland, wich isnt nice.

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    What will happen if there are more tribes than there is space to allow them to have land access?

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    Will you be able to teach pets how to do tricks?
    Will there be a process that you have to undergo in order to teach a pet his or her name?
    Would you have to command the pet to attack by text, would it be an action, or would it be automatic?
    Are insects ever going to make their way into the game? Whether for bait, food, or even possibly honey?
    Will animals die from overage?
    Are we ever going to have the ability to customize our own structures? For example, choosing the size of the house, choosing type of house (wooden, stone), making two story houses, and even making rooms inside of a house?

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    I 2nd Caduryn's question and add my own
    Will there be a menu to at least allow you to see which tribe memebers are online or at least within the zone? I know its not exactly a realistic menu but ideally if this were real you would know who is around the tribelands at least at any given moment without having to wander around the camp to see if they are still there

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    From my understanding of previous answers, tribes will be able to adapt certain items as currency, such as bottle caps or pennies. While I love the idea, my concern is inflation. Will there be any way to authenticate common items such as bottlecaps by stamping them to show that they are authentic currency of a certain tribe allowing the tribal leaders to control the flow of money into their economy? If yes, would we be able to customize the name of our newly stamped currency?

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    I have been playing for only a few days now. Just wanted to post a list form of questions as far as "IS this going to be... Why is this" bla bla.. hehe.. anyway...

    1: My UI seems to be slow and laggy. When moving windows (such as packs) around it seems to lag severely, causing clicks to not hit where you want, and windows to get "stuck" to the mouse pointer.

    2: Will there be improvements made to the GUI, such as slider bars, customization (as far as size, i.e drag your pack window to a certain shape?

    3: Tool tips / Item information? Will there be item information, be it in pop up tool tip form, so that you can see the weight, condition, crafting and combat stat related?

    4: As far as content currently in the game, available for construction/crafting, are there plans to put in alot more? So far the game comes off as Native Indian Survivor Man.. ish. Different type/sizes of housing, stuff that doesnt seem to be only native american themed.(Nothing against it, just curious)

    5: I know that it is planned to have variations in item quality and effectiveness, but, will the type of material used affect the color as well? Most notable is cloth gathering, seems to be a large array of cloth types and colors.. would the color of the cloth chosen for each component affect the color of the finished item? (I.E if an item needs fabric sheets and cloth straps, the color of the fabric would decide the color of the main body of the item, and the color of the straps would dictate the "secondary" color of the item?

    6: Will other forms of food be available? Hunting all those animals for crafting parts and no meat seems rather odd. Fishing seems to take care of all food needs starting out..mmm raw fish.

    7: for the sake of the testing phase, and also when its full public, will you be allowed more then one character? Having an alt is highly valued ina MMO, specially when there are mutliple professions you can choose from. Only one character forces you to master everything?

    8: Torches, other forms of light?

    9: More craftable props/items decorations, now or in the future?

    10: Finally, are you in need of extra man power as far as world building is concerned? I am physcially in Iowa, so not very far from Chicago, which I think is where this game is based right? (or am i getting that confused with another game i looked at?) One thing I find slightly annoying is games with wide open expanses of.. nothing. Need to spend time and manpower "populating" teh world so to speak. A post apocolyptic game you would think you would see more ruins, busted out buildings.. evidence man was here... not simply just big brown piles where you go for pretty much everything. I could see scrap piles as the main source of resources as a major killer for this survivalist sandbox game.

    Anyway I am liking what I see so far, just hope this game doesnt phizzle out development wise like Minecraft/Wurm have seem to... yes i know there are still a few people working on them, but for your MMO to survive and be up there with the current popular ones, you would think more then just a handful of people behind it would be needed ^_^

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    1) What UDP and TCP port xsyon uses, because some of us (me) would like to play through a proxy
    1.1) Proxy support will be included?

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