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    Hello from MugHug

    Hi everyone,

    Just came on board and still finding my feet in-game. Once I have, I will be looking for a tribe.

    Little Bio: 50 yrs. old male based in Long Beach, CA. Been playing MMOs since Asheron's Call came out. Have tried virtually all there is including notables such as Wurm Online (comparisons of Xsyon to WO sparked my interest).

    Mainly a PvE and crafter, love exploring but also in for the PvP. Hope to be in for the long haul.

    First impressions of Xsyon are good and honestly looking forward to some fun.


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    Hello and welcome MugHug!

    See you ingame

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    Welcome to Xsyon ! When you'll be ready to find a tribe, check out Hopi

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    Thanks GuideMihr & Jadzia,

    Jadzia, Seen the website and walked by the location last night. Hopi on the short list already


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    Welcome to the Xsyon and i think you should take a look at DHoV but anyways always good to see more comming

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