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    Lightbulb Architect Revamp(or simple addition)

    I believe that many architects or I do not feel completely happy about his current situation
    I believe we have a wide variety of basic construction and the more I walked another great idea coming up I saw being applied certain mmorpg, focusing on interaction of members

    That would literally be building you go hit point per hit point of construction, hammered hammered by up to complete the construction I believe this will be a great addition

    To make things better here in xsyon believe that not only complete the hit point bar, would be required that only certain moments en xyz profession could act up a resume or other time where the profession was changed making it very dynamic one that could indicate that change would be the architect

    Mortal Online Keep Construction

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    ya, umm, have you ever built a keep in Mortal? Or even a house? Trust me, it seems fun, sounds good on paper, but SUCKS for the architect. I really like Xsyons current style actually, where the time goes into gathering the resources, not swinging a hammer. The only thing MO got right was combat. As someone who has played since launch, I would personally never suggest taking anything from MO other then combat and maybe the overall plan for crafting(they completely dropped the ball on execution).

    However, to keep this post constructive, I would say that I agree something is lacking as an architect, I just haven't placed my finger on it yet.

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