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    [Important] Xsyon Wiki

    Some say it killed the game, others feel it is needed and information that you think about the wiki on xsyon?

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    Not to sure wiki could kill the game but it might give ppl the info on things that they would only get thru time or advice during the game, but whats rlly wrong with that.

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    I don't get this poll, but I suspect Yes means you are for a Wiki (tho the wiki is lacking a lot.. at best)

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    The dev team really need to put up a wiki on the domain rather than using the current third party site
    I would happily fill the wiki and keep it up to date but I do not feel my efforts are rewarded on the current wiki which is hardly ever visited

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    We don't use a third party site . That wiki was put up by someone who doesn't play the game but supplied the wiki for people to add to.

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    Well is there any chance you could add the wiki link to the front page so more people know about it?
    Also is there any way to contact the owner of the wiki? I would like full editing privileges but could not find any contact info.

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    In any case it will be compulsory to read a wiki site so it's up to the player to check it or not imo.

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    The problem with us having a wiki on our site is having man power to manage it. This would include abuse/spam posts and checking for correct information.

    Rbomb is the wiki owner, haven't seen him around in a long time though.

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    simple to resolve issue only Xsyon Subscriper can edit , and register are linked this Forum DB , but anyway
    I think community like , time to provide hosting

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    I don't see a requirement for a wiki being that this game is much more user friendly than Wurm Online, which needed a wiki. However, I wouldn't mind having one.

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