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    The Anarchist Forum

    The Anarchist Forum is a light role play tribe that the population may describe as evil, we do not see ourselves in such a way and history shall record that our endeavours were in fact just. We beleieve in the right of every human being left on this earth to live and use the resources available to us, free from oppression, laws and taxes.

    We are against the reformation of "the state" in any form and see the events of the recent past as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. We believe in the development of small social communities working and trading together, we will fight groups that seek to expand their influence on to others or "claiming" resources or areas for themsleves alone. We are also against the use of taxes within settlements and the erection of structures that may impede passage of wider society through that area.

    Vent is not a requirement as most of our interactions will be in character. We encourage independence amongst our operatives but will also work together towards uur goals. We will stive to always have a safe place to gather although this may be transient.

    Leave details or send a PM for details of joining. A meeting will be arranged in game. This is very much a RP tribe. We do require all types of player, just becasue we are known as evil does mean we only pvp we need all kinds of people to join our cause.

    We do not aim to become huge, a small cell will be capable of operating in a particular area. I f we do become larger we may break up and and create a new cell.

    We will have partners, those in small neutral tribes who we trade with and may even aid against larger agrressors. We employ a variety of tactics although we never attack those we have not established as a threat to our morals. Infiltration and guerilla tactics are what we do best.

    We are not openly known as the anarchist forum in game.

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    Also see this story for the origins of the anarchist forum.

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