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    my adventure is fun so far ,i have some tweaks

    streamline crafting in general have a tool pouch so the tools are already in the tool window no need to stumble thrue bags to find tools for craft.

    leather canteens via leather working /gourd canteens via foraging and basket weaving /metal and bone canteens via bonecraft. (we need a way to carry water)

    need personal containers made from the other professions.( possibly added after beta i know we are beta testing )

    water well drilling for teraforming

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    Agreed :
    And my tweaks :
    No more 50+ different cloth types, simplify it somehow, or make it to where you can auto-sort bin, even making the icons have color/texture to show what it is, other then all of them being white.

    A way to carry larger amounts of materials, carts, pack animal... Cart I think would be more logical to start with ( i'm sure this has already been discussed at some point)

    That's all I can think of atm

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