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    Me dreamed from Xsyon....

    ....with this Graphic.


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    UNREAL.... Those are some amazing graphics, wonder what the engine is for that, almost a farcry look to it!

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    I've heard of that game but never played it. Xsyon has OK graphics at best but nothing close to that. Imagine how sweet it would be if Xsyon had those kind of graphics! Maybe down the line Jooky could do a graphics engine overhaul if the game takes off and they get enough capital to do something like that. Hell, Anarchy Online has been overhauling their engine for a while now and the new engine looks pretty damn good.

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    The hunter have its own graphical engine, and i have to say that its a neat one. I friend of mine used to play it in a low graphic machine, and it rant like he were playing in a high spec comp. Best engine ever with that graphics and it works almost in any crappy pc. Xsyon guys should take it in count hehe. Nothing against current engine, i love it.

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