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    Tweak or game balance?

    I wonder if the mods could please explain the difference between a game tweak, and a game balance issue. I feel all game tweaks are being lost in this forum between the never-ending suggestions that some feel the need to make.

    Perhaps we could change this forum to a Suggestions forum, and change the other to tweaks/game balance, which I really think are the same anyway.

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    Game balance has to do with fairness amongst each skill, item, and so on. For example, if you're a lumberjack and you started out with the best weapon in the game, it's not really fair for others who didn't choose to be lumberjack. Tweaking a game has to do with either fixing something, improving it, or changing it. This rarely has to do with fairness, buffs and nerfs are also very common in game balance discussions, rather than in tweaking a game.

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