Hi everyone. I have been following the progress of this game for ages now and have finally bitten the bullet and paid to play. Until now i have been playing Darkfall solely. I am downloading the game now and will be playing by tommorrow. I have a few questions..........

Are there any other Aussies out there that i could hook up with ingame? If so, please send me your ingame names so i can catch up ingame. I would give my name out right now, but im not in yet. No doubt there will be a reference to TOOL, my favourite band in my toon's name though. Perhaps there is an Australian tribe?

Is there some essential thread i should read or an online reference material made by some players or something that i can use to acquaint myself with the logistics of the game while i learn?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. I will post again when im ingame and actually have a name n stuff.

Lastly, how the hell do i pronounce the name of the game? Haha. I was thinking Ex-ee-on. Am i close?

Have fun!