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Thread: Looting pouches

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    Looting pouches

    I was ambused, killed and looted by a guy earlier today, i wasnt carrying very much but the principle annoyed me so i chased him and eventually caught him. After killing him i then found to my horror i was unable to loot back my stuff and a few extras as he was carrying them in a pouch. I didnt have "permission" to access that container although i could loot some crappy t shirt or something instead!

    So, whats going on with pouches? can they be opened to loot? Seems a bit exploitable if they cant be accessed

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    not sure how the system is supposed to work but it sounds like a bug to me since its beta you could put in a bug report via the support tab at the top of the page.

    on a side note as a crafter i when place containers and i can right click an set permissions mabey when i equip the containers the permission settings are kept

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    this bug has been around for quite awhile but is gonna be worked on, they already know of it and ya this bug really annoys ya when your doing pvp and can't loot ppl.

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    sounds like everyone will (should until it's addressed) carry personal permission pouches now with all their important items.

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    ok thanks guys, at least its been noticed and (hopefully) will be fixed at some point.

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