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    building on slopes

    Building projects on slopes is a bit too sensitive right now. I continue to get message "you cant built on this slope" even on pretty level ground. It is especially true, when we can move the project there, or even to a quite extreme slope, but through a long tedious process. Could probably use some "Tweeking"

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    infinite agree ;P i hate this msg

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    Agreed. You should be able to build on terrain that is nearly flat. If the slope of a one "level" terraformed thing is 45 slope (im making things up but follow) then you should be able to build on +/- 10 slope off of where your standing. Nothing to extreme, but it should have to be exactly flat.

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    Again, I don't see a issue with it. I simple build on a spot I can move the object where I need it.Then I move it with the movement commands.

    How ever tho the movment commands system needs a full over haul having to click it click move almost every 2 to 3 clicks is getting old mabe a free move system so where you move the mouse it goes and follows the mouse till you got it where you want it. Then another click to drop it. The rotation needs to include angles as well least a added NW,NE,SW,SE direction. Other than that its fine with me.

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