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    Coloring / Material Designer
    First of all I am very happy that possible to add the item color
    But like a big variety, reminding me again of [EntropiaUniverse]

    System consists of 2-3 bands for color and texture
    This system can be used to create different furniture
    Color and texture are different skills
    Using different materials
    Using different tools
    E alone ernome create a variety of clothing using the same recipe

    *Use fabric to make clothing so standard as has been done and
    It creates a tool for extraction of color / texture of the item already exists
    And herbs that can be'll meet with Foraging
    **many skills involved
    *** Create new option trades
    **** i update topic soon with more img (cotain about 2-3 fields and apply )

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    Sorry for the double post more now that I saw that the fabric has different icons easiest to differentiate

    In this case it would be cool shot was given both the current system
    As for the future system of extraction of color and texture come from plants and animals, rocks

    Plant would still give more variety of premium system of Farm

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