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    Questions for the week of 1/23 through 1/29

    here we go again

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    on the night i couldn't sleep i was wondering although the combat system is in development an we have covered there will be swords axes picks an most other scavenged weapons to fight with will there be more than 1 unarmed combat style be it kickboxing karate or something that could represent a monk style.

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    What about water stirage?
    Will we have water pouches to carry with us?
    What about pubilic water storage or personal water storage in village like barrels, to use while working in village?
    Our livestock will need a water source too are there any plans for that?

    Will we get shields? It's reasonable and easy to make with wood sheets or metal sheets and leather straps for example, shouldn't be hard to code in combat system either.

    Will we be or are we able to divide stacks of objects for example take 50 nails from 200 nails stack?

    Will we be able to hide/sneak while in combat mode?

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    Will we get a borderless fullscreen window mode?

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    is ist possible to make the storages dragable, maybe like the movement for architecture projects.
    It's cumbersome to empty a 50 slot basket just to replace him instead of dragging him some meters away.

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    Will junk piles regen even after we have terraformed them down or up, changing there natural land state or once that one is gone a new one forms else where in the land?
    I dug one down and its yet to regen junk sence yesterday.

    Will we ever be able to move the ui? Will we ever be able to have custom made ui's like in most mmo's.
    Will you'll make the system so we can custom make ui's to tailor our own well being?

    Will we be able to make farm land sections? If so will we be able to plant different seeds in the future of xyson?

    Will there be a way to craft nail and bolt molds to allow the crafting of nails and bolts by smelting down metal parts into hot metal then using the mold and hot metal to make nails and bolt? Could also lead to other progression along the way in the crafting system as the future unfolds in xyson.

    Will Xyson ever have lightning sound and effects? If so will you have a chance to be struck by it whne out in the storm?

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    Will grass or other plants ever grow back over terraformed land?

    Also what is with much of the flowers we find from foraging? Can we know what future use they will have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caduryn View Post
    Are Tools lootable in PVP?
    Seems like anyone tells different, some say yes, some no, i tested with a Friend and he told me he cant take Tools.
    At other Day a Tribemember got killed and missed 2 Tools.

    Will Tribe Alliances work inside the Game-code?
    I dont mean just say "hi, we are a alliance now", i mean something we have to do at the Totem to create a Alliance, and making PVP impossible on Alliance Tribe Land.
    Currently you can get attacked on your Friends Tribeland, wich isnt nice.
    it isnt supposed to be "nice" !

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    How is the situation of cooking? Will be at launch? What kind of food can we expect

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    Sorry if this is a newbie question, But I really don't know if something like this can be blocked from a game or not, I have never seen the combat logs for Xsyon.

    Will you allow a parser (reads combat logs) like Advanced Combat Tracker to work with the game?

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