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    Cool Terraforming ideas

    After Fooling more around with terraforming it's not that bad just takes time and work. In any case I have changed my mind it should be left alone for its complexity which I my self have started to love. It will add in a beauty to the more advanced tribes and solo players for there construction abilities.

    If we make it to easy then where does the fun come in? Where is the sense of accomplishment? Yes I did that me me alone or we and we alone.

    If we all can do the same thing then where does one stick out more than the other? How can you or your tribe stick out as more advanced if we all have super cool looking ground and forts and such?

    I would love to poll on this one that it be left alone just as it is. Just that it doesn't tier you out as quick as it does cause this does take a lot of work and practice to make a flat floor.

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    Would be nice to have a level up or level down option, solves a lot of the guess work on if what your leveling is gonna go up or down, so you don't have to flatten one tile, go to your right, then back left, then back right. Sometimes it seems the system is random, though the more you work at it, the more you realise some of the minor things you can do to make it go by faster... Overall it's a lot more complicated then it needs to be in order to appeal to a large % of gamers out there today. I remember my first few days attempting flattening, yeah... Pulling my hair out.

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    The terraforming is really one of the main draws of this game - it needs a little love.

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    Terra forming isn't easy, but it has some basic rules land wiil go up or down or stay on the same height depending on how much dirt you have around you, after few hours of training and experimenting I barely miss now (maybe 1 out of 50). What I need is height coordinates, visible grid would be nice too.

    As I heard we won't have coorrdinates after launch(not sure), I'm asking to leave height coordinate while terraforming and add visible grid. Without coordinates it'll be very hard to make flat surface.

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    Deacon asks:

    •Will we be able to actually place bin and stuff in our houses/tents?
    Yes. Before launch.
    •And what system for making terraformed area level, if you plan to remove coordinates?
    I will leave in coordinates until I can implement a levelling system as you and others suggested.
    from developers section

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    What id love to see in this is the ability to dig in side a wall with out having the open top. right now can only dig down cant dig in side cliff and then burrow it out in side id love to see this ability to burrow in the ground. Can make a man cave if wantted to.

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    I think that last thing might be well beyond the scope of the terrain's power. It is all based on essentially deforming vertices of a LARGE plane to make terrain. Be hard to screw with it or push verts out of their grid.

    I hope mining comes in and i hope it allows us to mine into the earth and then under it. THATS what i want my man cave to be. 10,000 feet underground, surrounded by jools!

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