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    This is Valknot from Spain !

    Hello there!

    I just found this piece of art an decide to try it out, i'm downloading it and gettin' excited about testin' it. It seems a realy awesome game, and looks like it has a really nice comunity so hope you accept me in .

    Before loging in, i would like to get some advice about the game, and the starting moves i should do.

    Btw, is there any spanish tribe? if yes, i would like to know about them, so i have less problems starting from the scrap.

    Thanks in advance, and nice to meet you all .

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    Welcome i hope your like this game

    I think GuideMihr(GM) talk spanish

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    Welcome! Bienvenido!

    Im spanish too, I´ve been around 2 days, nice to see mor spaniards! / Yo tambien soy espaņol, llevo por aqui dos dias, genial encontrar mas espaņoles por aqui!

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    Hehe, Thanks for the info Vadio, ill try to ask him if i have any doubt about the game when my download its over. And Nice to see ya too Sakho, ill contact you by PM so we can gather info together hehe.

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    Welcome, I don't know about any Spanish tribes, but Hopi tribe has some EU players, check it out if you want.

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    yeah, i sure will

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    Hello Hola! I didn't answered this post??? I can't believe it

    Bienvenido Valknot!

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    Hola Valknot

    unfortunately i don't speak spanish, but i have a good friend in Madrid ^^

    hasta pronto

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