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    Cool Land Claims space issues

    I've noticed a guy made a tribe across a river in the mountain area ok just a canopy and a tent so i start to land my claim on other side nothing around me but this guy and it says can't set cause tribe near by.
    There will be alot of solo players in Xyson you can count on this. It's not set up right a camp should only have claim to as much land as big as the camp is. If i decide to go make a cabine and all in the mountains it shouldn't give me 2 achres of land only few feet out side my structures. and rivers should auto matically seperate tribe boundries. No tribe should have claims to the water this isn't the water battle going on in America right now where rich companies are buying up water supplies all around the world. So please look into lowering the boundries to tribes to only few feet from there structures. Bigger the tribe and there tents the more land mass they will aquire the smaller the less so forth just seems odd to see a guy have so much land mass for a canopy and a tent. And on another note this thing where you rumble threw junk piles and get the message about you rumbling threw a tribes trash it isn't theres shouldnt be claims on trash piles these land sections shouldnt be added in on territory game mechanics. Just something to look more closely at cause i see a huge issue when this goes live. Right now its people testing when the test is over and the game launches you are going to see a volume increase in players cause nothing will get wiped any more and people are going to come up grifing other players cause he was salvaging and collecting junk in the nearest junk pile he can get to that there tribe so called laid claim to. if every tribe sets up near junk piles what becomes of those solo players? There money is just as good as group players. Solo players solo for the added disadvantages of doing it all them selves and having no help its a piece of self acomplishment for these players. Can't see this issue not causing some major griefing when it goes live. Please look into these points i've made.

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    The size of the territory claimed by a tribe depends on the size of the tribe (number of tribe members). The message you got saying you can't place your totem because there is a tribe nearby doesn't mean that that tribe owns that land. The limit is there to avoid problems in the future, when your tribe or the other one begin to grow. Tribe territories can't overlap even when they grow, so you can't place a totem closer than the max size of territories, but these tribes don't own that land, the space is only reserved for the future expansions. It has nothing to do with solo players, it works like this when 2 bigger tribes try to settle close to each other as well.

    About trash piles and water, the concept of the game includes resources owned by tribes, so this is intentional. Still I'm sure you don't have to worry, the world of Xsyon is huge and there are lots of trash piles and waterfalls at every corner, you won't run out of resource for sure.

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    Most of the conflict n this game is supposed to be over rescources so tribes need to be able to claim them. Also that is a mechanic allowing tribes to defend their rescources. If I'm not mistaken you are marked as a thief when you gather another tribes rescources and can be killed by that tribe without consequences because you stole their stuff.

    Either way I think solo player tribes should only be a stepping stone to larger tribes and should only last a week max unless they get a total of 5 members. Because do you really think you're gonna manage to survive alone against all these other tribes who want your rescources? I don't

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    What I'm talking about is i see nothing on site about the support of Xyson <Meaning> Does Xyson support Griefing or not this will cause griefing cause say 1 solo play goes out sets up tribe of just him self and plants near a junk pile then a biger tribe of 20 or so people come in and want to plant down but cant cause his set size takes up space not allowing them to get as close so they set down near and camp kill this person every day till he gets to point hes ranting and quiting the game. This will happen. There will be many people starting tribes trying to get people at launch and some will loose players some will go back to just the original player who started the tribe and if that tribe grows to 30 people increasing the size of land and all players leave but main guy, and if he leaves or stays he controls so much land that he shouldnt have. So what im saying is if 1 person starts a tribe his space should be ranges by people in the tribe from start not have a set size so if it grows, an also as people leave the size decreases to not have issues like in swg and vanguard where you have 100's of buildings taking up space and all of people who dont play any more and so forth. I've not seen any detail on this on forums so far so as a person testing a mmo for the developers i'm left out of a loop so If this issue i'm speaking of is already set plz let me know.
    I' mean the site doesnt say you can be corpse camped you can be pked by a tribe till you quit the game or move away while they take your land. Remember this is not specified so people will get miss lead when they start playing. Theres going to be alot of griefing cause people are not aware if any major in game laws will be set in place its us beta testing system. These are just as important for the development of the game as that of a animal who is stuck in the ground. So can any developer clear this up and post here. I don't mind players input but they are not the people making this game and its everyones opinion being slung.

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    The limit is there to avoid problems in the future, when your tribe or the other one begin to grow. Tribe territories can't overlap even when they grow, so you can't place a totem closer than the max size of territories, but these tribes don't own that land, the space is only reserved for the future expansions.
    Thats my point. This will cause griefing simply because several single players are going to set up a personal tribe just so they can make house or tent or what not. What I'm trying to sujest theres a way around this curve. Right now only way i can make shack or what not is to make my own tribe. Why not make it so don't have to be in tribe to make a small house what not that way you are not under the territories guide lines so a tribe can come in and set up and mabe you become friends with them and join them after talking to them and such. There is always a simpler way to do things where griefing can be lowered alot. Plus mabe this should be mentioned on facs for people pre ordering xyson. I know its a money boost if people come in and quit cause they wasnt aware of these things but it's also a way to get bad feed back and people want try it when they go back to there old mmo and rant what there opinion of what happened.
    I'll be here i like Xyson but as a tester i can't just look at my side of things i have to look at the big picture whats best for the company thats the people asking me to test and input what i think. Which will include information to new comers as well as in game mech.....

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    From what I've read devs are thinking about it. But there is no easy solution, for now you can make one man tribes, and the rules are set as they are. It would be a problem for two big tribes, if they were too close, and devs have more important things to deal with right now.

    There is another option under consideration and it's to let people build outside of tribal teritorry, though it also creates problems. There would be lots of unused buildings or buildings left by players who left the game, which would mean less places for tribes to settle. That means everyone should be able to destroy/dismantle buildings outside of tribal teritorry which would cause problems for tribes and solo players.

    Give devs some time I'm sure they'll come up with something.

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    You can destroy buildings un used now after last patch it's just simple code to allow solo players to build but with a area of build effect not just hand them a terratory.

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    You are able to dismatle a building built by you or one of your teribe members, if you have tribe permision to do it(set by tribe chiefs).
    If not, there is something wrong couse you shouldn't be able to dismantle any building you want.

    As to simple code allowing solo players to build without a tribe, it still leaves buildings after players who left the game that you can't do anything about.

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    I try to answer some of your questions.

    Griefing is not allowed in this game and there are several methods implemented to stop it. First when you create a tribe you have to decide if your tribe will be good, neutral or evil. The example you mentioned ( a solo player is grieved by a tribe) can only happen if that tribe is an evil one, but being evil has serious consequences, so probably not many tribes will choose that route.

    There is no corpse camping in the game, when you die you respawn at your tribe's totem. Tribe territories are safe zones during Prelude, so no one can harras you there.

    When a tribe loses a member the tribe territory shrinks, so if a tribe started with 30 members and 29 of them left the tribe the territory size will shrink to the size of a 1-person tribe. This is already ingame and works properly.

    Allowing solo players to build anywhere were considered in an earlier state of the game but the devs decided against it. The reason was to avoid possible griefing...buildings outside of tribe territories are not protected, so if someone built a house anyone could destroy it. Solo players wouldn't be happy to log in and see that someone destroyed their hard work while they were offline. If a solo player don't get a protected tribe area then its much much easier to grief him.

    These problems can't be totally eliminated in a game with territory control, and it has nothing to do with PvP. I've played A Tale in the Desert, a game which has no combat at all, and it was absolutely possible to make someone quit the game by annoying him and building right inside his camp.

    The only way to solve these issues is diplomacy. And again, the world of Xsyon is huge, I don't see such a big problem, there is more than enough space for all of us now.

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    After thinking about it some more I realised that my point with building outside tribal teritorry is not totaly valid, couse buildings wiil decay, but still the only reasonable solution would be to allow players to make one man tribes with static teritory.

    On the other bigger tribes will be attacked more likely so wouldn't you be safer keeping away form them, just close enough to trade when you need to?

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