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    The Regulators (Neutral/Lawfull) -- Bounty Hunters

    /redneck RP on

    Howdy friend.

    So if you're in here reading this, guess ya' got interest in being a Regulator. Now, do you even know what that means, bein' a Regulator? Well sir, means you get paid to kill people. Nah, that ain't a bad thing. And no, this isn't any sort of branch of goverment. We the good guys see. With so many dead, and now so many trying to just take 'n take it all, well, someone's gotta keep 'em honest. So that's where we come in. Get told who to kill, why to kill 'em, and then get paid for doing it. Nothin' wrong with that.

    So, what do ya' get? Get paid for killin'. Now, most times the money will come from others, those that want us to kill griefers, or say they gots a war with another outfit, well, might be they hire us to give 'em a hand, 'cuz we better at killin' then them. Sometimes your pay will come from me, the bossman, Willbonney, cuz well, there's plenty of folks I'd like to see dead too. Not good folk though, we only kill vagrants, varmints, and scum.

    What else ya' git is to hang out in our outpost. Sure, we gotta have some place to lay down our head in the nights, and some place to fix up our gear. Now sure, might mean ya's gots to defend it a bit, fight for free a little, but hell, some one attacks us, well heck, I'll just put out a bounty for 'em myself, and at least ways you'll get paid for vengeance, cuz if they attacking us, fighters for the good, well, they can't be naught but trouble. Even if they says they good, just cuz they says it, don't make it true.

    Guess that goes for us too really, but actions are always worth more then words as Granpa tells it. So that's what we'll do. Keep it right all the time, and we can't go wrong I guess.

    So, if ya' ready to ride, and want in an outfit that does things the right way, well, just give me a holler, and I'll see if you're worth your spit. 'Cuz even though ya' might be willin', well, that don't mean you're able. And I'll be a scalped corpse before I'm payin' someone that can't hack it.

    /redneck RP off

    Basically, I explained everything, though maybe in a confusing matter, in that jumble above. I've led guilds, clans, corps, or whatever other name you have for a group of gamers playing a video game together, in a multitude of different games it looks more like a resume. All that aside though, I'm an active leader, who enjoys having fun. I have found "Bounty Hunting" to be an enjoyable way to play (some people call it "mercenaries" but that just doesn't seem to do it for me, mercenaries fight wars, Bounty Hunters have targets). So if you are truly interested in the play style, please let me know. I'm looking for good people, who enjoy playing this game, and have fun doing it. Sure, we'll do all the crafting, building, gathering bullstuff too, but the main focus will be the tracking and killing of our Targets.

    The Regulators is new, I currently have a membership count of One, yup, that's me, but I game a lot, and once we have the currency figured out, will pay my members to kill who I want them to. Once I have a "core" group of folks, I'll then advertise ourselves out, and we'll work on gaining a reputation. Don't have a TeamSpeak/Ventrilo set-up yet, but when we do need one, I'll get it set-up for us.

    Finally, I prefer ages 18 and up, but do make exceptions. If you're a mature teenager, who truly wants to play, and shows respect to others, then I'm more then willing to give you' a chance.

    IGN same as here, Willbonney

    EDITED TO ADD: Alignment changed to neutral, so as we can take contracts on bad people, claiming to be "good."
    Edited to Add: Regulator GuildLaunch website launched here:

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    Current Regulator Project:

    Castle Building Practice. We are taking volunteer applications now. No, you don't have to guarantee your membership for "Live," but any help you want to do for the project would be appreciated. Also taking on those with interest, in either the Tribe, or the Town it shall be.

    Check out the screenshots in my signature. Ask in game for the location, and come visit as well.

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    Im his official slave from now, he doesn't pay, he doesn't promise even a lamb for herding, pls someone help me, i need to eat or something. xD

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    Regulators is Growing!!!!

    Yay, we currently have myself (American), 4 Spaniards (really from Spain) and a Swede. The castle is really coming along very nicely, you can check out the status in the link in my signature. Any and all are welcome to come by for a visit and take a look, try to "figure" out what I did. It's a bit rough on the leveling, but for Live will make sure it's perfect.

    We have a lot of great ideas flowing now too. Plans for the "keep" being the site for the Town Castle, with the "village" area growing out in front of it. The river will be expanded into the keep, carefully to avoid flooding, so that folks won't have to leave to get to water. Planning on the "back" area, behind the keep, to be the farming area. The Hill we plan on digging into later for "mining" if/when that comes out. Our "dirt" quarry keeps getting larger and larger, and we have plans how to do it better for live, to ensure we don't flood it at all (we've had a couple of accidents so far).

    We have plans to put a roof up over the top of the Main Floor, and will attempt a "2nd floor" if we can get it right. It's a rather massive undertaking, and will not be done before wipe I'm sure. But, the practice is great, have drawn up great blueprints with Auto-CAD.

    As for the Tribal Ideas, I'm the "Bossman" as said, now have a "Foreman," and "Assistant Foreman," we're still hiring out for Apprentice, Master Builders, a Sergeant At Arms (Guard leader), and Guards (folks who really want a lot of PvP). The Guards will be the "defense" of the Castle.

    Pure Bounty Hunters are welcome to apply as well. Those guys will answer to me though. There won't be a rank between myself and the Bounty Hunters.

    Well, so far we have a great start going here. I'm so looking forward to live, as some have seen my recent post on "My Xsyon Review", it's under the general section of the Xsyon forums there. I've posted it on a couple of other sites, as well as submitted it to, waiting on word from them.
    I want this game to be a success, cuz well, I am a little selfish in wanting everything Jordi and the rest have been working on, what they not only promissed, but the "nuggets" of stuff they plan for the future.

    So, if you're interested in work, I'm hiring. See ya'll in game.

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    I don't like jumping on other peoples recruiting post that much, But I had to say that this sounds like a great tribe, And y'all sound like you you want to have fun. Good luck to you, I hope you have great success.

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    Thanks Alksteel. Appreciate the support.

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    This is a great advertisement page you did , i say more power to yall and if i really like how everything was stated, so if you ever need anything u can give me a yell in game anytime.

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    Thanks for all of your encouragement. This week we will be getting our website together and ventrilo. We have also decided to name the town around Regulator Castle, "Tombstone." We're also asking as many people as possible to pick the names of historically famous "Hero Outlaws of the Old West." Pick your favorite who you used to read about in school, did a history report or something on, and go with it. Adds a whole new depth, to not just roleplay (there will be some, but isn't going to really be required), but a sense of "fun" and Immersion into the game.
    The Tribe ranking structure is still a work in progress, but now that we have 100 modifiable ranks, have a good "premise" to how I want to set them up. Something like this:

    1-10 : Tribal leadership and organizational roles. Bossman (leader, me), Foreman, StoresMaster, WatchMaster, HuntMaster, MasterTracker, Minister of Finance, Tribal Ambassador, other "assitant" roles.

    11-20: Merchant Guild: LeatherMaster, ToolMaster, WeaponMaster, BoneMaster, GrassMaster, ChefMaster, ClothMaster, and for when added to game, MasterFarmer, HerdMaster

    21-30: Guards: These guys answer to the WatchMaster, and are tasked with the patroling and defense of the area around Tombstone. Elite Guard, Veteran Guard, Captain of the Watch, Guard, Novice Guard, Rookie Guard

    31-40: Trackers: This is the term I am using for "Bounty Hunters," and answer to the MasterTracker. They are tasked with the "targets" we are hired to kill, or I hire them to kill. We will focus mainly on Griefers, Hackers, and Forum Trolls. Keep the game clean. EliteTracker, VeteranTracker, Sneak (a.k.a. scout), Novice Tracker, Rookie Tracker.

    41-50: Huntsman: These are members of the tribe who want to focus mainly on the PvE aspects of the game, and are tasked with hunting, gather, logging, or other items of the sort. They will answer to both the Foreman, as well as the Huntmaster. EliteHunster, Veteran Hunter, EliteTrailblazer, VeteranTrailblazer, NovieHunter, RookieHunter, TrailBlazer.

    51-60: This section I will want to have our normal "crafters," who have not yet reached the status of "master," either in tribe or by skills. They will be titled with their main craft specialty, but I know of course many crafters will have multiple crafts, but normally until you "finish one off," you'll focus on just the one.

    61-100: I have all sorts of more thinking to do. Have plans for the "Builders" and what not, that want to focus mainly on building of the keep, structures, and all that. Also will be ranks for those who have temporary "build permits" for building their personal housing. Have plans for plenty of assistants as well, and there's tons of room to modify and change as things come up, as well as other "temporary" or "transitional" titles to modify certain permissions for.

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    The other stuff I am working on are the "build permissions." The "keep" is obvious, we'll all work hard on it. I have the areas for how I think the Market should be placed, in front of the keep towards the lake (the main entrance), inside the wooden fenceline. This area will have all the vendors as well as the crafter's shops and personal storage. However, not everyone will have it all. You must be named by me personally, and I will take suggestions from the rest of the members, to be named a "master," in order to "host" your own shop. You'll need to keep up your shop, or else lose your "master" title, and thus, lose your shop to someone else. I want as many "masters" of possible of course, the more crafters and revenue we make, the money for the town, tribe, and how much I'll be able to pay our workforce and trackers.

    I also have an area in mind for both the "farms/herds" too, as well as the area of the 'town' where our membership will be allowed to build their houses, for their own as well as their personal storage. This is the opposite side of the keep, opposite the entrance. It will be placed here, so that members will have an easier time getting in and out of town, without having to go through the Market Place or the Castle/Keep. Again though, not any and everyone will be allowed to build anything and everything they want, I want it to look as much like a proper town as we can. Members must "petition" myself or the Foreman, in order to receive a "permit" to build, will then be sectioned off an area in the member's section, and it's theirs. They'll only be given a certain amount of time to build, and we may decide only true structures rather then terraforming, but we'll have to wait and see. All members of the rank of "Veteran, Elite, Master, or in the 1-10 ranks, will be given "first" priority for their builds, and all members who enter during the beta or our 2-week headstart are guaranteed at least Veteran Status in their chosen profession (professions are interchangeable if you decide you want to change at some point). Then, as we grow and get more space, will open it up for the more junior members of the tribe to start building, but again, with permits and sections marked off.

    As you can see, I've put a lot of thought into this project, and am really pushing to make it a success. I want as close to a functional Medieval Society as I can, run by the "Hero Outlaws of the Old West." We might break the law on occasion, but we have our Honor, and show Respect to those who deserve it.

    Hope to see ya'll in game. Keep your noses clean.

    Willbonney, a.k.a. William H Bonney, a.k.a. William Antrem, a.k.a. Billy the Kid.
    Leader of the Regulators
    "I'll make ya' famous."

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    Guild Website in the process of being set-up, as well as the Ventrilo server. You can apply here:

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