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    Cool Some new tabs and buttons.

    1.Need a loot all button on the loot window.
    2.Need the ability to right click a item in loot window and it auto put in your inventory and stack if if stack exsist.
    3.Also need ability to drag drop stack, half stack, or single item in a container and it auto place and auto stack if any same item is in container.
    4.Ability to rearange main ui piece so theres no blank left or right side. So I could drag it to left side bottom or right side bottom then able to drag chat window down to left or right side.
    5.Should make it where when you getting attacked you auto go into attack mode and out when not in battle. Thus freeing up a hotkey for something more useful.
    6.When you stand by a container with it open and pull up crafting window container shouldn't close cause open up crafting window.
    7.Should make it a left click open container an keep it right click to do permission and pick up container.
    8.Ont the char window there is 6 slots at top. Ive noticed first 2 from left is back middle 2 waist for 2 on right is legs. Ok equiping shovel fishing pole on back axes on waist and knifes on legs.
    Now is there a way we can add hotkeys to switch between the 3 sets kinda a bad system if i have to open the char screen unequip my axe or fishing pole etc.... by mouse each seperate then single click each dagger and equip one by one then hit combat then start attacking by the time you get all this done you will loose a fight.need hot keys for the switching plz.
    9.Could also use hotkeys for the resource window mabe i can alt or shift it or do a random key config of my choosing. I personally use a Z merc board and a razor mouse with the keypad on side of it so i can be more acurate when playing my mmo's being able to set these key features to do simple stuff like this helps out alot.

    more to come keep eye on post ill edit it later with more.

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    1. personally against this since it's a "full loot" game. Loot all allows others to loot too fast and run, not giving "friends" the chance to defend your stuff/corpse during a battle.

    2. against this too, same reason as above.

    3. Agreed here, need a split stack option, as many others have requested before.

    4. Not sure how hard it would be, but being able to move the "hotbar" to the right or left hand side of screen would be nice. As well as moving the chat window.
    5. Against this, because goes against those players who actually want to "sneak" "hide" "ambush". Those players who are successfull at it should get the benefit of "surprise."

    6. Agreed here, is a bit annoying if you scroll patterns to have the container window close, if you are looking to see what you have available, and what you can build with it.

    7. Dunno about this, I don't mind the way it is.

    A lot of your ideas are fine, I just don't think a lot of them would be good for this game. Some people want to use the "hide" skill, and try to ambush folks. Taking away their moment of surprise takes away from how they want to play. And then all the stuff to make "looting" easier. Big no no for a full loot pvp game.

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    many games have a loot all option you have choice loot one or 2 items by single clicking the items and then letting someone else loot or to click loot all button and you loot all.
    as far as auto attack it dont go in affect till you've been hit and if you hide and its succesful then that persons auto attack would shut off again not really a problem with it. not saying you auto matically start swingling at the person or mob just saying you wouldnt have to click a key to go into atttack mode then start hitting buttons to attack the having to click a button before you start attacking is waste of a hotkey and well very useless.
    Just eliminating the having to hit a key before you can attack.

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    I agree with Will. Entering combat mode may be anoying, but it has some advantges and I think we'll have to get used to it.
    Loot all button is a very bad idea. Lets say Someone kills you on a scavenging trip with your frieds in few seconds he could loot ALL your items, the way it is now he might take one, two or none becouse he had to run away from your friends. He might even give up on attackig you becouse risk is too big.

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    It's also been stated by GM's that looting everything from a players corpse isn't going to a feasible due to encumbrance concerns. Now, that may be true of someone else truly fighting, but what of the "battle looters" who are normally solo, naked, and go around stealing whatever loot they can pick up and then run away. I've seen that a lot in full loot games.

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    Think you'll are missunderstanding what I mean by loot all button. Loot all button can be taken away from looting player corpses so you have to do it one by one. But say you kill a npc while out and about when you go to loot, its less frustrating to have a loot all button than to have to loot every single piece off them.

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