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    Skillcap/Skill Decay/Mastering

    Good skill of the system should be mixed with hard cap and softcap system including "master"

    All the combat skills would Hardcap (group of these skills would have a cap related to 30% or 40% of total point
    Example 6 there are skills that can be arrived at would be 100 then 600 points
    40% of that are 240 points
    30% of that are 180 points

    He could choose 2 skills to maximize and the other half thereby creating different people, why not post the same softcap having skill decay so hardcore there will be people that will not take effect skilldecay

    Already here we will apply the concept of 20-30 softcap supposing that craft skills that each one would have then come to 100 from 2000 to 3000 points in total

    Would it be possible for all eguer 100, however only one to 105 (in which I would call a master)

    * Remembering that could be reset to master the more you lose all the recipes and have learned about one week cooldown to choose another master do it for people to choose carefully

    Skill Decay
    If the person has reached

    A-The porcetagem are yourskill point / point total all

    B-Yet the decay are applied individually profession not used

    C-Example 95 crafter more item I own 90% of the total points lost 5 points on the craft skills that I have not used

    D-If you used the system every profession had found that which was least used (a 1 or 2 profession do you least used)

    Decay 90% of it would be 5 points per week if not craft at least 100 items that week
    Decay 80% of it would be 4 points per week if not craft at least 90 items
    That week
    70% Decay Hers would be 3 points per week if not craft at least 80 Item
    That week
    Hers would be 60% Decay 2 points per week if not craft at least 70 Item
    At Week
    50% Decay Her point would be a week if not craft at least 60 items that week
    40% Decay Hers was 0.5 point per week if not craft at least 50 items
    that week
    30% Decay 0.25 Her point would be a week if not craft at least 40 items
    that week
    20% Decay Her point would be 0 and leave the cap

    * Value about many item need be crafted need adjust but so also example to concept

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    I dont think there should be a Hard cap or Soft cap. I DO think that you should be able to get any skill up to max at any time and if you stop using it for long enough it drops off again.

    Say you get to 100 and want to do something else. So you go do it. Then when you get bored of that and go back to the first skill, its down to 90 or something. (this would be over the course of weeks). So you can have a few skills really high, but itd be nearly impossible to keep them at max.

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