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    New Suggestion - Compass

    I have read a lot of posts about the "confusion" of traveling in the game. I hear it a lot, as well as experience it quite a bit in game as well.

    So, to try to help alleviate that, why not allow toolmakers to make a "compass." That works the same as a normal compass, always pointing north. A compass can be lost, stolen, broken, and the normal like every other item in game. It could be a small item, that when equipped points the way north. Doesn't have to necessarily be compass in shape. Doesn't have to do anything with the User Interface. Just be it's own deal, that you have to look down at and "use." Using it could be a hotkey, the animation being you open up your hand as if you were using a regular compass.

    Just a thought. 8)

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    After alot of consideration on the game and what its doing I beleve a compass would be better.
    No maps! reasons?
    Maps would give people to much advantage, Cause if I got a map I could mark down where each tribe is on that map and easyly cordinate a war party on a rival tribe. I wouldn't have to scout the land across the lake or 6 bloscks down i just know which way to go but take the map away and just a compass in hand then it gets exciteing and scary.

    This game needs to remain a little complex and skill. With just a compass you have to learn the lay of the land you are on. You have to travel survey. You should be able to get lost it adds to excitement. Its harder for a war party to cordinate if all its trib members don't have maps. This helps with the advancment of more cordinated tribes. war parties have to learn to use compass and remember the land there running threw.

    You don't want everyone being equal. If you are unpleased with your progressing of your tribe you can always go seek out to join a more advanced tribe. There are very good mechanics here if you just look closer into them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willbonney View Post
    It could be a small item, that when equipped points the way north. Doesn't have to necessarily be compass in shape.
    I am not sure if the coordinate system will stay in game, but if it does, I like the idea!!

    Because: The coordinate system is a compass, just in a way that it is hard to read. Why not making an item that tranfers this information into a visual one.

    ((hmm, after thinking for a while. Having *no* coordinates would be great, we are no pigeons, right - can someone tell if the coordinates are only prelude?))

    Maps: I second the second post. Would ruin part of the game.

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    I have asked for a compass a few times, But if it was to ever make it into the game it would have to be apart of an evolution expansion later on. I would think that we will have one or two evolution expansions before we are done with prelude. With any luck we could see it added in prelude.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abida View Post
    can someone tell if the coordinates are only prelude?))
    They are for Beta only, Jooky has said that he will keep the height part of coordinates in-game for terraforming till he comes up with something better for it. But the coordinates will be gone for prelude, Unless someone has heard different.

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    thank you aliksteel good to know. I like it

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