Maybe it is only me, but the forums are confusing. I really invested time to find answers to my questions.
I still don't dare to ask questions, because I don't like to ask an already ansewerd one.


Most questions will be answerd after reading:
Developer Zone --> "Official FAQ List" (If you find it )
1.) Suggestion: Questions listed by topic. Could the questions get listed not by time they got asked, but by topic ( NPCs, crafting and skills,...) - It would be most helpful. *

The name "Developer Forum" didn't sound like the place to look for gameplay-related answers and it took some time until I checked it out.
It also took some investigation to figure out that you have to ask (unanswerd) questions in the "Questions of the Week" thread. For me it looked like a thread where you get answers.
2.) Suggestion: Marking "Have Questions get Answers" *read first* , setting it on top of the list and maybe changing the title.This would be awesome for people who want to know what the post is about (and for people who think they already know what the post is about)

To remember - we have:
"Answerd Questions"
"Questions of the week"
"Have Questions get Answers"
"Official FAQ List"
(Plus sub-threads that look promising for finding answers)

3.) Suggestion: A better structured forum, putting the FAQ on the main-page, giving the FAQ a subtitle like "Answerd questions about the gameplay, features and everything"
- FAQ sometimes implys : How to install the game, how to solve hardware problems, how to report bugs ... ect. (especially when it's in the "Developer Zone")

* this is done in the "Tweaks and Suggestions" and the "Tweaks and Suggestions Thread" (there are two because ....? )

- Abida (who knows that there is a "search" option (I wrote this down because searching was a pain ... here))