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    Cartography Idea

    To sort of go along with "my" compass Idea I posted here

    Have been thinking of a "Xsyon" friendly way for maps. What I came up with is a Cartography skill. A skill that as you get higher in it, allows you to make bigger and better maps for yourself, for trade, or just for fun. Maps could be sold and traded, could be named for the area they were taken in, and possibly even connected if they line up correctly. As you collect more and more maps, you would be able to make your personal "map," larger and larger. A map would be added to your personal map by rightlclicking it and reading it. It would then have that area added to your personal map.

    This brings me back to the days in Eve in which for faster travel, you would have to "Bookmark" spots behind gates, so that you would land 1.5k or closer away, so you could "insta-jump" to the next sector. There are hundreds of sectors in Eve, and there were people who used to spend all day every day, either making these "insta-jump" bookmarks, or copying and selling them to people. I remember before they changed warping from being coming in at 15km, to the 0 mark, I had around 340 different bookmarks for different gates in different sectors. I actually missed bookmarks in Eve after they changed it, took away that "exploration" factor of traveling all over.

    So, for those wishing to see more "exploration" in the game, I would really like to see this sort of "map" system in game. Level your cartography skill by traveling all over and making maps, sell those maps to others that don't want to, and buy yours from map makers. Seems very "Xsyon" friendly to me.

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    I think that's a great idea. It would certainly add an interesting dynamic as tribes rise and fall and maps become outdated thus necessitating a minor map industry.

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