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    Hello folks - Anagain has landed in Xsyon

    Hiya folks. I finally succumbed...if that's the word...and splashed the cash on Xsyon. I've looked at this game for a while now and it's always been pushing on the back of my mind. I'll be honest and say that when I first looked at the game I was rather put off by graphics, sounds and the combat, and I put a few of my thoughts down in writing on the forums.

    I had another look a month or so ago and I was hit hard in the face by how much better things looked. I've been toying with the game since then and watching SaintBob's tutorial videos on YouTube finally made me make that payment. So shower him with praise if you'd like.

    I'm just happy to support originality and something new really. Something new is what the current MMO scene is not. I followed Rift for sometime and really hoped it would give me back what I missed from EQ and SWG (Pre-NGE) but it certainly did not.

    I really hope that Xsyon can combine my love of minecraft with what I was so adoring in SWG before the crap fell on a galaxy far, far away. Is it true there is experimentation and resource quality in Xsyon, or is that to come? I loved tinkering so much in SWG. I sat in the house I called my lab for hour upon end designing pets and fiddling with DNA.

    Combat is a concern of mine, not just for how it may be quality-wise in Xsyon, but for how I will fare. I'm not a twitcher. If I can settle down and just make a world or explore a world then I could certainly be content.

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    Welcome, hope you have fun over here

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    Hello and welcome to Xsyon!

    I think you won't be dissapointed,Xsyon can only be better and better from now on

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