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    Questions for the week of 1/30 through 2/5

    In relation to aliksteel's question. There are "auto targeting" softwares out there. Is there a plan to prevent this type of thing being used? I'm not familiar with the difficulty of using them or stopping them, so just asking.

    In the tribal rank privleges section under resource...there is gather. Does that mean that outsiders wont be able to gather resources on junk piles without permission? I ask because it seems odd if a tribe member cannot physically gather because of not having this checked, but any outsider can come by and do it, with only a message saying he is transgressing on a tribe's land.

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    When will we be able to design our own buildings?

    What is next on the list after tribe questing?

    Can we ever expect any sort of tooltips? I like the idea of having to figure things out for yourself but its the kind of thing where idealism is trumped by practicality. You can't really expect the game to take off keeping everyone in the dark for too long.

    edited to add: Will we ever get a "who's online" feature?

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    Will tribes still get to pick there own Tribal Colors and Emblem? I know you have some pre-set colors and emblems in game now, But I want to know if the larger tribes will still get to submit our own emblems? If so, Well it be in game before the end of Prelude?

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    The plan that would let us have our tribal colors on our armor and it giving us a boost in stat's, Is it still on the table? If so when can we look for this in-game?

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    Will meat ever be loot off of animal's? If so will this be in before the end of prelude?

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    [EDIT] Can you loot skin already? I don't remember looting leather/skin.

    Will skin ever be loot off of animal's? If so will this be in before the end of prelude?

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    What will be the max number of expansion totems for a tribe be?

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