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Thread: Future of Xyson

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    Question Future of Xyson

    Was wondering if this is something you'll have in mind for the future of Xyson or might consider for its Future?

    Medic Profession:

    The ability to bandage Head,Chest,L&R Arm,L&R Thigh,L&R Calf,L&R Foot,L&R Hand's?
    In the character window have slots to put bandages on them parts.
    The bandage's show on the character's
    Have to take off the armor piece while the bandage is on.
    The wound have to take real game time to heal.
    Example fall down cliff hit rocks breaks foot or leg. It takes 3 to 4 months game time for the wound to heal.
    In the mean time you can't wear armor on that part and if its a leg.
    Your movement is slowed down. If it's a arm you can't swing a weapon with that arm while it's healing.
    Bandages added to tailoring skill.
    Ability to forage plants as herbs to put on the bandage and wound to make it heal quicker.

    This would also benefit in so many ways in pvp.
    Example: If you just got killed. What ever parts got hit would be wounded so you couldn't just jump back in the fight. This will add a real strategy to tribes fighting each other. If your tribes members got to badly damaged they wouldn't be able to keep running in on the other tribe just because there tribe has 100 members and the one they attacked has 50.
    This could help swing the tied if the lower number tribe has stronger players with better fighting skills.

    This is just something that hit me while i was in the mountains hunting Bear's.

    Like i said, I don't know what you'll got planned for Xyson's future but if this is a good idea? And it isn't on the table? Could it be? Just a suggestion from me.

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    Definitely a good idea, I have been wondering how we are supposed to heal ourselves but havent seen anything about it.

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    Also like splints and advance medics maybe can do casts

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    Not sure how much this will help you, But I asked Jooky some questions for my blog. And I think this hit's around what you are asking.

    9) With Xsyon sounding something like a hybrid between fantasy and apocalypse, Will Xsyon be a magic heavy game later?
    I am planning to evolve the world to be something like in Arcanum, where there is a balance of magic and technology, but keeping things primitive for a while.

    10) How far are you willing to push human technology in the game? War machines, Buildings, Agriculture.
    Again, probably to the level of Arcanum. Xsyon will remain more of a fantasy then a sci-fi world, though as things progress I would like to see if different areas of the world evolve in different ways, some focused on tech, others focused on spiritual magic, both equally powerful.

    A main goal with the game is to provide the tools and the setting, see what players do with them and evolve the world accordingly. We’ve already been doing that this year as the terraforming and tribe rank system and plan to do this soon with the combat system.
    So it sounds to me like there could be a medic, or something like a medic at some point in the games as the tech side.

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