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    Tuesday Night Wipe Event - Are you ready?

    Heyas all,

    Some of you might know me a bit better now, with my "Xsyon Review" posts, as well as building my castle. Well, I wanted to invite anyone and everyone who wants, to come join myself and the rest of the Regulators out to our neighborhood.

    I am planning a "foot race" of sorts, with someone standing two or three zones away as the finish line, so we can really see how much the run skill combined with agility, affects speed.

    Also planning a "best dressed" contest, and I'll post some screenshots on here for other's can see some of our Beta outfits.

    The final plan, is a free for all, Everyone enter, one leaves, PvP Battle Royale. With the wipe coming, I am going to put "barriers" to prevent people from being able to exit the "Keep," and then pull the Tribal Totem, and then IT'S ON. No holds barred Free For All, KILL EVERYONE fight. Kill, mame, scalp, decapitate, do everything that in the back of you mind you wanted to, to an in-game character.

    Well, hope to see ya'll there. I will be hosting the "race" 7pm EST Tuesday night, and the "Battle Royale" will go down at 8pm EST.

    Oh yeah, our town is at zone 856, POS 900/500
    Basically, middle of the zone, on the border of 856 and 857. See ya there!

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