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Thread: Hey all.

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    Hey all.

    New to the game. Just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to jumping in and checking things out. I have been looking for a game like this and hope I can help things along.

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    Welcome, hope you will have fun here

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    Welcome to Xsyon and hope ya have some fun doing what ya do

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    Welcome to xsyon

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    Hey, welcome bud, if you need anything just ask.

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    Welcome! Have fun!

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    Welcome Ceebiddy !

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Welcome friend! See you in-game

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    Thanx for the warm welcome. I have to say the game has sold me but an even bigger part was the community so keep up the love. I'm all about the indie developers and I hope this game gets the chance to shine like it should. Maybe companies will start taking notice and not only support these new ideas, but start making some quality, innovative, outside the cliche MMO design titles themselves..

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