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    I'll Make Ya' Famous

    Howdy all,

    Guess I'm already making myself at least a bit famous, lol. Well, I'm Willbonney, and have been Willbonney in roughly 6 different games now. I started using this name in SWG, into WoW, for Eve (WillamH Bonney there, along with ChavezY Chavez), and a few others as well.

    My very first MMO, was not Everquest, I didn't like it, thought the graphics were worse then my console games. The game that got me hooked in the Online Gaming Community, was Earth and Beyond, where I named myself Werewolf. I loved that game, and not just the gameplay and everything. I loved the dev's, the questlines they made for us, the "inside" jokes they would throw in, and their events. Originally developed by Westwood Studios (creators of Command and Conquer), the game was awesome, and for the first year we had patches with new content and fixes EVERY MONTH. Without fail. I was like a kid in a candy store. For us, we would take the day of, and the following day off of work, and treat patch days like Holidays, seriously. We all wanted to play the "new" game as soon as it came out, and figure out all the new stuff first. Then, amazingly, they hosted a huge "LAN" party for the players at the "1 Year Anniversary." This was an event where a Dev would go to a major city and talk with the players of the "future of the game" as well as meet some of us in real life. They did this I think in 8 different cities on that day. We even had cake, and I still have the T-shirt they gave us as a present, (/insert funny Adam Sandler voice here) for free. But then disaster struck. Westwood was bought out by Electronic Arts (EA). As soon as that happened, we all noticed that the monthly patches started becoming every 3 month, and then it took 5 or 6 months for the last one.....and then they announced "Sunset." They announced that they were going to be shutting the game off. OH NO!!!!! The world ended, the game failed, makes a grown man cry. Many of us later found that EA used "our" E&B game servers, to host "Sims Online," for shame EA. The nerve of some companies.

    To explain the reason why I use the name Willbonney, I have to tell you, well, William Antrem is in my family tree, the man thought to be (and think proven now with DNA testing), to be Billy the Kid. I also enjoyed the movies Young Guns 1 and Young Guns 2 when I was a kid. I own both movies on both VHS and DVD, and have watched them about 300 times each (and no, that's not an exaggeration).

    I grew up in the Midwest, was in the Navy for a time, and now live with my girlfriend in NYC.

    I've lead guilds, corps, clans, and about any other name you can think of, in quite a few games. I enjoy playing with the same people in each game, but sometimes decide to start a whole new thing. For this one, I'm trying to get ahold of a couple of my old gaming buddies, but many of them are off or waiting for something else. So, though I hope one day to see them again, I'm not giving my hopes up, and am forming "Regulators" for this game, a "bounty hunter" tribe, I like to call them "Trackers." This isn't the recruitment section, so go there if you're interested.

    Well, I guess that's enough of history. Glad to find a new community to share and make merry with. For those wondering why, though I don't post often, I do post LONG, well, I type a hell of a lot faster then I talk. I'm a hick with redneck family members, and it's in the blood. My sister is actually a "data processor", and has been clocked to type 120 words per minute (wpm). I'm not nearly as fast, but do roughly 60-75. It's impossible for me to say that many words in that short of time.

    So, see ya'll in game.

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    *takes a deep breath*


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    When William Antrem meets Jesse james... HORRIBLE THING.

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    well as you post in introduction thread I am glad to say hello and welcome to Xsyon

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    Welcome to the game, LOL That just seems silly to say to someone that has done as much as you have.

    Happy to have you here.

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