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    New player here, only a few days old. Still trying to fighure things out. Look forward to this game and its future.

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    Hey and Welcome friend.

    If ya need some help starting give me a shout ingame, or goto my youtube channel for a few tutorials.

    However try to work things out first

    GLHF gg :P

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    I watched your utube videos they were most helpfull.

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    Welcome, if you need info ingame you can shout by typing /y. There are always helpfull people online

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    Welcome bud, have fun out there and take care of your stuff, guidemihr looks like he doesnt know what personal belongins means.

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    Sorry I don't understand your comment,is it a complaint? I did something wrong? I so I'm so sorry.

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    Lol, just joking mate! WE <3 TEH MIHR!

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