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    So, prelude is today ?

    Has the server been wiped ? What is the state of the game right now ?

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    prelude Won't start until Feb 14th or there abouts for pre-orders

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    so is there a wipe within 24 hrs AND another wipe on or around feb 14th?
    Can someone please clear this up thank you

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    Update January 31

    A quick update for today. I am planning a full wipe as soon as this Wednesday and for sure this week. It all depends on what gets done today and tomorrow.

    So if you want to take some screenshots and videos of your villages, now is the time!
    Not sure if as soon as Wed means US time or GMT time or what. Notice he says for sure this week after saying as soon as Wed. kinda makes me think it might not be tonight or tomorrow if he is not ready to wipe and patch yet.

    just my 2 pennies!

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    there will be terrain wipe this week and full final wipe on 14th

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    There will be a full wipe this week (as early as Wednesday, might be Thursday or Friday morning) and there will be a final full wipe on the 14th.

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    Oh, so it's a full wipe this week, any chance we'll get new stuff?

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    The quest system will be in, which is the main reason for the wipe. (Because I need to wipe tribe totems as I made some adjustments to the database).

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    Will we have the chance to destroy small rocks any time soon?

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    Really excited for this quest system, and all Tribe leaders should be too

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