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Thread: Aight ...Im In

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    Cool Aight ...Im In

    After following this game for about a year , ive decided to jump in and see is its what im looking for ..

    Ive played many MMOS , i still have a 12 year UO vet account on Atlantic , i really enjoy a sandbox ,and hoping Xyson can provide that atmospere...

    Cyas in game

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    Welcome to Xsyon

    We are growing and improving slow but non stop


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    Hey welcome to the game and the forums. I'm an UO veteran myself, and keeping one of my accs live even not playing.. you know about that surely xD. I'm sure that you will find a bit of UO here and if you give it a nice try, you surely will find a new home over here, not only for the game, but for the ppl .

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    Welcome to the game.

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