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    Something I've never really seen in any other game; gambling. Basically you'd use your in-game currency to play a game of dice or maybe even poker. Now a dice may be hard to come by, however they don't have to be our modern day dice. Astragali was a dice that was made out of a knucklebone. It had four large sides and two rounded ends. Markings were placed on all sides, the more difficult side to obtain was a higher value. As for the poker cards, we could always make them out of paper…

    What Will It Contribute?

    1) Will make it much more community based.



    2) Would promote faith in more diverse ways.

    -Gambling would lower good faith.

    -Good tribes and towns would restrict gambling as illegal.
    3) More reason to ambush, kill, and steal.

    -Robbing those who won or brought much to gamble.

    -Revengefully killing those who hustled or have beaten you.
    4) Miscellaneous…

    -Gives a reason to have a table.

    -Gives a big reason to sit at a table.

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    Hi trenix!

    yes this is a cool idea,and we are very close to Nevada gambling territory ...

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    Fallen Earth has a good setup for this.

    But if something like this was to ever make it in-game, I would hope it would be a very long time from now.

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