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    Just purchased the game today

    waiting on the download now. anyone with any tips for me my character name will be scrooloose

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    read the posts by willbonney and the xsyon tutorial vids by saintbob as well as the manual

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    As Virtus said, and some links to make your life easier:
    character creation guide by willbonney:

    tutorial videos by Saintbob:!

    Have fun, and if you need help in game, you can shout by typing /y , someone will help you out for sure

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    Hey, welcome to the game!

    Be sure to check out my Youtube site for the Tutorials.

    Just click on my Lame Signature haha

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    Welcome to the game eightonefive

    Make sure you follow the links given, as the game is very complex.

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    Welcome. I love the char name, Scrooloose, hehe. Have fun.

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    Welcome, great community, if you have any questions or concerns you /y in game or ask here on the forums. Again, welcome to Xsyon!!

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    Hey, I just watched the Saintbob Youtube videos and I was impressed with what I saw (at least the potential of this game). So hey, and after doing some snooping around on the forums, I decided to also pre-order the game. See how it all goes.

    I used to play UO and followed Darkfall for 5 years, but that didn't quite match up. See how Xsyon goes. I have good hopes for it. So...

    Polish it up, make it stable, make it solid, make it the kind of game the Xsyon community (and you, the devs) want to play and you will have a winner, no matter what happens.

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    Welcome to the comunity,

    As old uo player im sure you will be so pleased with the first impressions of the game, and you will notice that the devs are working hard adding more stuff weekly. If you hang around you will notice all of theses, and you will find theres a hugh entertaining on this game as ol' ultima online was for years.

    See you ingame!.

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