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    Open PvP and the Solo Player?

    I am downloading now and have been reading forum messages and helpful guides etc...

    How "Open" is the PvP? This has me a little nervous as I HATE GANKING! I have read that there is a penalty - but is it helping the ganking of new players or solo?

    I am really looking forward to the crafting and building in this game and will join a tribe at some point - but generally I am a solo player.

    Thanks for input and your findings on the type of PvP that is in this game.

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    There is hardly any PvP in the game right now, players are busy with building and crafting. I guess this will change after launch, but ganking/griefing is not allowed in the game. If you create your own tribe ( a solo player tribe) and plant your totem the area belonging to your tribe will become a safe zone, no one can attack you there (you have to choose good or neutral alignment to get the protection, evil tribe areas aren't safe zones).

    If you are out of your zone, keep your hunger in the middle of the bar and thirst at full, this way your energy will regenerate fast (carry a fish or 2 for incase). At the character creation I've put 90 points to fortitude and 90 to agility, with this build if you choose to runaway from an attack the PKer will most of the time be unable to catch you, since he has to switch to combat mode to hit, and his speed decrease then. If your encumbrance is high ( you are overweighted) you will slow down, so be careful when carrying heavy stuffs.

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    Jadzia - thank you for the info - It makes me feel better.

    I have one more gig to load and then I can try this out. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos that are crafting guides and there will be a lot to learn - and while I learn I would hate to have to worry about PvP.

    Thanks again I appreciate the other info as well.

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    You're most welcome, I'm glad I could help

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    Welcome to Xsyon Mappam.

    I would like to inform you that there is indeed ganking in the game, however, like Jadzia said, it is limited. Generally speaking, you will be safe in your tribal lands as currently, no one can attack you there. As long as you keep on good terms with people around where you set up, I doubt you will encounter any difficulties. People at the moment are waiting for the two week headstart before release. Even then, I'm sure that they won't be running around looking to gank people straight away.

    As it stands, if you leave your tribal lands, you risk getting killed. If someone kills you, they have the availability to take everything you own, and you will quite literally respawn with only your underwear. I'm not saying this is going to happen, however, I thought it would be proper to inform you that it could.

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    Thanks again for the info.

    Where do you get a totem? So I can claim some land and feel safe.

    I have played for about an hour and crafted a few items. I am finding the inventory to be "interesting" as I am able to make some basket packs but not equip them - so they are just sitting on the ground by where I am standing. I have set them to Private.

    Had NO IDEA where to start so started in Crystal - what is the different areas and is there any info on them?

    Thanks again - I can tell there will be a big learning curve on this game and for crafting a LOT of inventory space will be needed!

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    Only tribes can place totems so you need to start one. This tutorial explains it

    You can equip only one pack so you need to put down the one you have on to equip another, you can equip up to 4 pouches as well.

    The game area is lake Tahoe and spawn points are located around it so there's no difference where you start unless you want to start close to your tribes location.

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    yoori - good videos! Thanks for the link - I will be able to learn a lot from watching.

    When you create a tribe can you add your "alts" as members - so it really is a Solo Tribe but the different alt characters will have access to all of the items?

    Very interesting - thanks again.

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    There wont be Alts, its 1 character per accout ( correct me if im wrong ).

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