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    Special Video/but not really a video

    Hey Community Saintbob here,

    Just a quick thread to say I've created another Video/not a video for you the Xsyon Community and the You-tube community to take a look at.

    Hopefully you will.

    The link is here ---

    Or click my Lame signature for my channel


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    You don't need to thank, we are who have to be thankful about you in this comunity mate hehe. Keep that great job you are doing, keep more vids coming with that quality and we sure will ejoy them and most new gamers will be so pleased to check them out and learn about the game. They are really helping newcomers and even old players who didnt know some specs about professions or actions.

    So, go for it dude!.

    Valknot / JesseJames

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