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    trouble clicking on things

    When i try to make my player.Everything i click on is way off by about 2 inches.Try to click on dex and a have to click way down in order for it to click.But i cant click on create player because i dont have 2 inches under that to click.
    Anybody hear of this?

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    please post this in the bug reporter, link in menu, thanks.

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    I wonder if that is related to the problem I am having. My mouse works fine in windowed mode but if I switch to full screen mode, then restart the game, the game no longer even recognizes the mouse. It may have something to do with the resolution I picked too. Not sure but I had to reinstall the game to reset everything back since I couldn't click on the options anymore to switch back.

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    Otter and I both had this problem, a simple relog/character deletion fixed it, both of our cursors are now sync'd properly.

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