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    Suggestion for the forums

    Since it seems a lot of people are now writing guides, I was thinking it'd be a good idea to maybe throw up a section of the forum for these guides to be found. Newer players might find this useful if they are confused about how to do something. Maybe there could be a sticky at the top that tells guide writers tips on writing a clear and concise guide. What do you guys think?

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    Good idea. Though I'd make newbie help section for questions with guides as sub-section

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    Hmm... That's a good idea, but I'll kinda combine the two ideas. What if there was a forum section called something along the lines of "Newbie Help" with one forum for player-written guides and another forum for newbies to ask for help or whatever. There could be a sticky in the latter that would point them to the guides forum first and then to ask their question if they couldn't find the answer there. I would think the actual guides themselves would need to be separate from everything else to keep everything organized and neat.

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    Yeh, I think a combination of the two would be best, afterall, player written guides are still Newbie help.

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    hopefully for my Videos to be stored too perhaps?

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    Your videos are among the main reasons I came up with the idea =) That way, you could have a different post for each video. Will could have a different post for each of his tutorials. Maybe also a +1 system could be put in so people could rate guides? Eh, that wouldn't be as pertinent, but it might be useful.

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    Bump, needed section.

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