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    how hard are animals to find in game?

    the title says it all just wondering how hard the animals are to find in this game

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    If you look for them, could take you some mins spot a den, buts not an easy task that i reach a spawn and stay there for 3 hours killing bears, you have to take time looking for a post with mobs, hunt them, and youll have to find another spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blake378 View Post
    the title says it all just wondering how hard the animals are to find in this game
    Best advice Go into the mountains

    whilst exploring the surrounding terrain, i went into the mountains to find my self swarmed with Bears, Deer and Fox's they are not everywhere, but if you go into the mountains you're sure to find some eventually.

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    Right now there is only 4 type of animals, And they are added to the game by guides and dev's I think. When the world updater is add to the game this will refresh the world by adding grass, tree's and animals every day. This well be in-game by the time the game goes live in less than two weeks. There will be no spawn points to look for as there will not be any set spawn points in-game. When the system is up and running right, Animals will only spawn off of pairs of the same type of grown animals and be born as babys, And stay with there mothers till, Well I don't know when.

    From the features list

    Xsyon is populated with player humans and non player undead, animals and mutants. Creatures can be hunted or become the hunter.

    No set creature spawns or re-spawns. Animals multiply based on the current creature population. Undead never truly die, or do they?
    Creatures gain experience and power, potentially evolving into legendary beings.
    Creatures can overrun areas or be depleted.
    Creatures gravitate towards different areas based on mood and weather.
    Creatures driven to the outer reaches of the world mutate.
    Creatures possess realistic loot. If you see armor or a weapon on a creature you can take it. Animals can be carved up for raw materials.
    Creatures are a primary resource for crafters.
    So hunting animals, Sometimes will mean you are hunting, And thats just cool to me.

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    well, no problem with animals for me, saw raccoons, deers, coyotes and damned bears alot on exploring

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    i plan on doing a lot of hunting in this game. sounds like its hard to come by spawns which i love i also plan on doing leather crafting not sure on the other choices probably toolcraft and arch

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    I didn't have the plan to post that here but anyway,I think this is the best thread atm.

    The ideal raccoon habitat is an area with small stands of timber bordering corn and vegetable fields, and with water close by. Raccoons are omnivorous and will eat everythingIt's common to find raccoons raiding garbage cans and dumps.

    The coyote's habitat can be anywhere. They are scavengers and hunters. They may live in forests, on the plains, or in deserts. As humans move into areas where they live, they are forced to find new places to live and hunt.
    Food:They primarily eat small mammals, such as mice, voles, prairie dogs, eastern cottontails, ground squirrels, Fruits and vegetables are a significant part of the coyote's diet in the autumn and winter months.They catch cats and dogs.Coyotes will commonly work in teams when hunting large ungulates such as deer

    Mule Deer:
    They live in wooded areas as well as farmlands.The does (females) and the fawns herd together and then the bucks (males) form small herds of between 3-5.In addition to movements related to available shelter and food, the breeding cycle is important in understanding deer behavior and personality. The "rut" or mating season usually begins in the fall as does go into estrus for a period of a few days and males become more aggressive, competing for mates.
    In summer, it chiefly forages on not only herbaceous plants, but also various berries (including blackberry, blueberry, salal, and thimbleberry). Mule deer are known to forage in summer on California Buckeye leaves, even though there is some evidence of that plant's toxicity.A Mule Deer doe grazing near the Devon Lakes
    In winter, it forages on conifers (especially twigs of Douglas fir, cedar, Taxus yews, aspen, willow, dogwood, serviceberry, juniper, and sage). In season, it eats acorns and apples. Over much of its range, snow and ice cover many food sources and the food that is accessible grows slower. Its metabolism slows and it becomes less active to survive in an environment with less food.
    Mule deer prefer to eat high amounts of fresh grass and populations tend to move up or down with those of their preferred foods. Mule deer rarely travel far from water or forage, and tend to bed down within easy walking distance of both. Young mule deer tend to forage together in family groups while bucks tend to travel alone or with other bucks. Most actively foraging around dawn and dusk, they tend to bed down in protected areas mid-day, but will also forage at night in more open agricultural areas, during full moons, or when pressured by hunters. Repeated beds will often be scratched level, about the size of a washtub. Temporary beds will seem little more than flattened grassy grounds

    Black bears typically live in largely forested areas, but do leave forests in search of food. Sometimes they become attracted to human communities because of the immediate availability of food.
    black bear's diet consists of vegetation,insects,salmon,honey.They will prey on mule and white-tailed deer fawns in certain areas.
    "seasonal lethargy." Black bears enter their dens in October and November.Winter dormancy in Black Bears typically lasts 3–5 months.They spend their time in hollowed-out dens in tree cavities, under logs or rocks, in banks, caves, or culverts, and in shallow depressions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blake378 View Post
    i plan on doing a lot of hunting in this game. sounds like its hard to come by spawns which i love i also plan on doing leather crafting not sure on the other choices probably toolcraft and arch
    The best place to get leather of all types is scrap piles. Unfortunately although u will get some leather from actuall hunting its by far more effiecient to pick up and sort scrap from scrap piles. Personally id like ths changed to make hunting necessary.

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    i would love to see hunting made to be necessary. this game sounds like its taken everything i like in several other games and combined it into one

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    Its necessary at all, bonecrafters need from it, and im sure some other professions will.

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