View Poll Results: How many mambers do you have at prelude?

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  • 1-9

    45 56.96%
  • 10-19

    14 17.72%
  • 20-29

    7 8.86%
  • 30+

    13 16.46%
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    average tribesize

    I ask about the average tribesize in Xsyon.
    How many members do you start off with?

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    We have over 70 members that have joined over this past year, With most of them MIA. We have about 20 that check our tribe site from once a day to once a week to check on the goings on of the tribe. We have about 10 mebers that play in-game from every day to some members that only log in once a week. We also have new members joining us every week. One thing I have to keep telling myself is the fact that when it comes to Xsyon we(Hopi) are an old tribe, And lot's of our members was playing back in the day when all you could do was dig, pile dirt, hide, chop tree's, walk, run, swim, Oh and build roads. Lot's of us did that day in and day out. So there was a big burn out in our tribe.

    So I really have no idea what we will have when the game goes live. 10, 20, 30, or even 70 members by the end of the first month.

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    We are going to start with less players, but well, thats the quanty i would like more or less .

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    At the moment we are like 5 or 6 playing from my guild, a good number of survivors to start.

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    There are two of us atm with 1-2 more coming. Maybe more later, but unlikely at this point and if they do come, they may not stay long. Have a few players in our group that wonder from game to game.

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    This poll is not valid, as it includes 1 player tribes in with 2-9 players.

    The issue is how many 1 player tribes are taking up too much space, not how many 9 player tribes.

    you need to poll in smaller increments


    now you have a valid poll that addresses the issue at hand.

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    [QUOTE=Valr;41150]This poll is not valid, as it includes 1 player tribes in with 2-9 players.

    This is not the only problem, another one is that 1 tribe can be represented several times. If you check the poll is shows 7 tribes with 30+ members, but its actually 2 or max 3...6 person out of the 7 voters are Hopi or DHoV members for sure. Vadio who is a DHoV member voted at the 20-29 option too, so big tribes are way overrepresented.

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    Um yeah, I just voted, not thinking. So DHV represents 4 of the votes in the 20+ categories. And Vadia needs to be more optimistic

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    See this proves all the good land would be taken up by the one man tribes on launch.

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    @Morigen and @Jadzia :P i dont know about "showroster" in site :P

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