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    Looking to start a tribe

    Looking to begin a neutral-aligned tribe. I've already got an awesome location picked out (claimed) and some pretty cool plans for building the town/keep. I've been playing for 5 or 6 months now and have lots of experience building and terraforming and have seen (and come up with myself) some pretty sweet ideas that are going to look awesome when finished. The most I can tell you about the location (don't want to give it away just before a wipe and have it get stolen hehe) is that it's right by a river/waterfall and also the main lake. There is a small hill upon which we can build our keep and a flat area surrounding the hill where the rest of our town can be. It is fairly close to a starting area (maybe 1 or 2 minutes of a run) but not directly visible from it. Junk piles are directly across the river, very close. My plans for between this wipe and the final wipe before release are to get a rough "sketch" if you will of the town and when the final wipe hits, get to making the town but having everything perfect, level, and meticulously done. I'm more than open to suggestion and other members' ideas on how to do this, so let me know here if you would like to begin a tribe with me and help design an awesome city. I don't have a name or really much else thought out on it, so lets get together and build this amazing tribe from the ground up! =)

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    Good luck with the new tribe Shaggy !

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    Welcome to Xsyon Shaggy, and welcome to the marvels that is Tribe Creation!
    Quote Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
    The most I can tell you about the location (don't want to give it away just before a wipe and have it get stolen hehe) =)
    There was a request made by Virtus in which he wants all tribe leaders to PM him in regards to tribe security when the game goes live. My understanding is that this protection is still in place (I will advise you in private if this isn't the case any more). The protection spans the location of your tribe to those that have a minimum of five players and have a fixed location for the start of game.

    While I am not saying you need to make the location public, I am saying that to ensure the protection you may want to send Virtus a PM if you would like Guides to provide this starting protection.

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    Thanks Xaphan, we've got a few guys but not quite 5 yet. I'll have to message Virtus as soon as we get that goin.

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    Yeah, good luck shaggy.

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    Shaggy, I'm intrested in helping from the ground up on a tribe, sent you a private msg get back to me.

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    I am also interested, sent you a msg.

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    We've got a lot of members so far--13 and 2 more that we haven't been able to catch online at the same time! Check out our official recruitment post here:

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    Im glad i joined up with Shaggy's tribe.Shaggy is a man with a plan

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