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    Starting Points - Map

    Known starting points!

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    Thank you very much for make that map Tredo

    Really appreciated!

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    This is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to create and show this!

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    Thanks , wiki are update

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    Beautiful! Cheers mate.

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    love it!

    hey where is everyone planning to start when release hits? i want to plant where the players are. planting totems will be one of the most exciting parts of the game.

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    Great Resource, thanks!!!

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    "Bump" topics in this thread have been deleted as the thread has now be Stickyed to ensure its always up the top for easy viewing. Like Mihr said, thanks Tredo for the work to create this map.

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    Heres another version it includes every area in prelude.
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    Map is not accurate just sayin...
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