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    Crafting should need non-mobile equipment

    This is actually coming from Ultima Online.

    In UO, you could craft some things with tools you carry with you, but there were also lot of stuff that required specific equipment that were basically furniture items placed into the world. For example, you could use tailoring if you had scissors with you, but to make thread from wool you needed spinning wheel. Either one inside stores in cities or one you had bought and placed inside your house.

    Big problem with implementing this kind of system to Xsyon would be the lack of cities offering free-to-use equipment, but that could be easily overcome by making low-level crafts ones that do not require this kind of equipment.

    For example, it sounds really stupid to be able to forge a sword without a forge (which would of course need fuel) and anvil.

    Of course, this would mean that crafting system would need some reworking, but I don't think this would be an insuperable issue.

    Here's one possibility of how to do it:
    When you activate forge, you get window similar to other crafts. You select recipe which then needs certain materials and tools. Now let's take an example for crafting a swordblade:

    1) Activate forge, select recipe; in this case sword billet. Insert materials and tools and craft.
    2) After crafting a , you are rewarded with an item that has very short lifetime, few minutes max.
    3) Activate anvil, use sword billet you got, insert other materials and tools and craft the final product.

    Then there's always the possibility to keep current crafts in their current form, but use the above system for new crafting professions.

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    I think for at least the lower levels of any craft, you should not have to require non-mobile equipment. Remember these are survivors who have adapted to a life sometimes without a permanent place. Having to rely on builky equipment would severely cut into their chances of survival. That said, I can't imagine being able to do any kind of blacksmithing without a forge. A campfire is simply not hot enough.

    I have done a lot of these crafts for real in the real world. Most of the starting ones, bone craft, tailoring, basketweaving, weaponmaking, leatherworking etc, can be done with handtools. Obviously with something like weaponmaking, you are limited to the type of weapons you can make.

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    You have to remember that the world is raising after apocalypse so for now we depend on what we can find and we'll have to wait and see how it evolves.

    I think sometime after launch furniture will be introduced and a workbench among them(I read it somewhere).

    Also I think Jooky once said that the world will be simmilar to Arcanum in terms of technological advancement and balance between technology and magic.

    This info might be wrong though, so lets wait and hope Jooky will keep us entertained.

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    So far all weapons seem to use pre existing blades/pick heads/shovel heads and the like. Eventually as the junk piles dwindle and we must begin making our own metal works this is probably going to be how it is done.

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    Well being an ex swg player id def agree with this. Interestingly 80% (at the time of writing) agree. It encopurages people to use their town facilities, promoting social interactiion. It could also provide jobs for those making the equipment. The end product shouls also partly be affected by the quality of the equipment.

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    Something like this? OK I know everything we see in the old screenshots may not make it in, But it lest it looks like some one was thinking the same way as SpeechMan

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    Definitely agree with this. I think the crafts we have currently seem fine in terms of mobility but having workstations for more advanced crafts that come along sounds like it should be part of plan. Maybe once we make a spinning wheel we can make "high quality thread" instead of the standard hand-twisted kind we are making now.

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    I agree also. I would like to see a range of workbenches, not just furnaces and ovens and kilns, but a workbench with a vice for carpentry, a grindstone to sharpen tools, a potters wheel for when pottery comes in, perhaps a butchers table for cutting up animal carcasses or gutting and filleting fish.

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    interesting to see such a high (90%) percentage agreeing with this. Sounds like it will be in at some point though possibly after scrap piles go. The screenshots provide a bit of evidence towards this

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