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    Name the Bin - Dye the basket

    A way to show the contents of storage.

    If you could Name the container OR dye different colors - it would be easier to tell what is stored in what container.

    Mouse over would be awesome!

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    Naming bins woupd be helpfull for tribal storage, on the other hand quartermaster in charge of storage will know where things are anyway.

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    Tribal storage as well as the "solo" crafter or crafter with a house or base. If the quartermaster is not ingame you will have to (as you do now) search through all of the baskets/bins to find what you are looking for or what area to put your stuff.

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    This was suggested a long time ago and hopefully it will be implemented one day (the sooner the better).

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    Naming storage bins and mouse over content list is a must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliksteel View Post
    Naming storage bins and mouse over content list is a must.
    heh, should know by now that with jooky, nothing is a "must" unless his mind decides it's so. He is the God of Xsyon, make no mistake 8).
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