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Thread: Hi @ all

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    Hi @ all

    hello guys, after i played xsyon 3 days, im looking really forward to the release.
    ive played in the past games like age of conan, warhammer, mortal online and darkfall.
    i was looking for a real sandbox like haven&hearth (i loved it!) or UO and ive found it here.

    ive started xsyon with couple of friends and we are all addicted to this game

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    Welcome to the world

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    Welcome to the game

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    We are glad to hear this!


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    Welcome to you and your friends, be sure to look at the prelude thread, lots of guides, tutorial videos, and starting map. If you have any questions ask here in the forums or in game with the /y for global chat or /w [name] to whisper. Have fun and again, welcome to Xsyon!

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    Welcome, have fun!

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