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Thread: ello!

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    greetings all!
    after seeing some video's ( saintbob thanks ) i preorderd without a doubt.
    i dont realy know what to expect apart from the video's

    i just finished downloading tho i got problems to login, incorect username or password.
    im sure i put them in right.

    i hope to see you ingame soon!!



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    Since you had to log in to download, I hope it's nothing serious. Keep trying and see you in game.

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    Password is case sensive , and some keyboard layout dont work well ( example my case number 7 and left shit (or crt) dont work )

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    its fixed! yay!!!!!
    password was too long :P

    cya ingame!

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    Welcome to the world
    Pre-Wipe in game name --> Cremation
    In game name --> Richard Brewer

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    Welcome to the game.

    John Wooden ~ Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.
    Benjamin Spock ~ Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

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    Jesse james,
    The Regulators

    " In God We Trust.... All Others Pay Cash "

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    Hey ,Welcome !

    I've already seen it ingame

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