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    Post Xsyon Vista & 7 Sulotions Fix

    Ok Here goes it. Please read all info if you are crashing in Xsyon. this goes for Vista and Windows 7.

    1. Open windows update.
    2. Click View update History.
    3. In here Scroll down look see status on every update you have. Look for "Fail".
    If you see a Fail! Scroll threw the list make sure this update didn't install again and was successful. If not right click on this failed update and click "View Details click on the link under "More Information". This is where you will find that update and manually install it.
    Repeat this process for all failed up dates then do a restart.
    4. After this restart go back to windows update and click on "Check for Updates" again.
    If you get more updates after updates go back into "View update History" and make sure all was successeful. If one failed repeat step (3) above.
    Then repeat step (4) till there are no more updates and you have them all successfully.

    Then make sure you have the latest Video driver for your card. Make sure all motherboard drivers are up to date. Be sure to go download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from microsoft.

    Restart pc check Windows update one more time. If no more updates at this point run Xsyon as administrator. Xsyon should run perfectly fine.

    This is best under a new install.

    Reasons for these action's. For some reason when windows does it's update it says every thing went fine and there's no more updates. This is far from the truth. Some files can and will fail 6 out of 10 times when this happens certain updates can't finish cause they require the failed up date and other updates that require the failed ones want work properly any more. This is what's causing all your problems for Xsyon and many other games and programs you have.

    Xsyon is running perfectly on vista and Windows 7 fully tested buy me hrs on end full graphics loaded shadows every thing no crashes. They have worked hard at Notorious games to have it run smooth and they have done that. Now it's your turn to make sure your pc is running right.

    I'm not a employee of Notorious just a beta tester that took the time to run threw find what was going on behind allot of vista and 7 issues I've been reading about and personally experienced in game on my own system that had these exact same issues. After all this I discovered others had same issues including every pc in my family that installed these 2 OS's. So i did steps above and all are working top notch with no crashes.

    Hanging in vista and Windows 7! Could be the new programs and system to handle kernel memory for vista and 7. I Know super fetch is part of this but turning it off doesn't fix this issue. Will microsoft fix this in the future no clue.This is a issue that will have to be taken up with microsoft.

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    Thanks I'll start doing this as soon as I am home.

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    Great piece of advice.

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