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    Exclamation Very slow FPS, please help!?

    Alright, I bought the game today and was really excited to play it... when I first ran the game I went through character creation, which didn't lag at all, when I got into the game it began to lag a lot! The ping was also fluctuating from 45 to 300+ (usually it was higher than lower)... my system meets the requirements... I believe.
    My computer specs are 3.5GB of RAM. Nvidia Geforce series 6 graphics card. And my CPU is AMD Anthlom duo 2.5Ghz.

    I forgot to mention I've lowered the graphicas to the lowest possible settings... and I mean lowest. I also switched from quality to performance on my graphics card... both these things didn't do a thing...

    I also tried running game booster... again, this didn't help it. I'm in the process of running a scan for viruses etc and will see if this works.


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    you never mentinoed what your FPS was

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    I don't know the exact FPS... it's really low though by the looks of the gameplay...

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    Try updating drivers, system, run some optimization tool and maybe kill unnesessary processes. I have ati 3200 integrated grafics with 128MB dedicated memory, Athon x2 3.1Gh, 4 GB RAM and it's playable on medium graphics setting, 720p haven't tried full HD. Performance is different every time, though maybe due to some system clutter.

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    hum your CPU , is 2.5ghz game need 3.0ghz work well only single core ( dual core dont work most game in market )

    Solution : Overcloack or buy new cpu
    Set affinity to xsyon use only core and windows + random stuff to other core

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    Well, my graphics card, GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, only has 64MB of dedicated video memory... and 1GB of total available graphics memory... my CPU is quite a bit lower than yours to... do you think these things are causing my issue?

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    Thanks for this.. .I'll try this...

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    I'm pretty sure you'll need new graphic card. It's pretty old and Xsyon requires 512MB of memory, by series 6 I thought you meant something like 6600GT.

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    You disabled the shadows ?

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    Yes I have... it didn't help at all!

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