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    Crimes should leave some sort evidence behind that can lead trackers to the criminals.

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    Other game have implemented tracking. The fresher the tracks, the more visible they should be. This could lead to people developing their characters as trackers or manhunters. Neato! Animal tracker, super! Examine a track...track leads in a x direction...

    This idea has merit, and could definitely be implemented in the future. I would like to see them work on the core game first though. Would be intersting to one day log in on your character who has high perception and find a new feature related to this.

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    tracking was implemented, but it didnt work properly

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    The Hunter had a good tracking system. It's a deer hunting game yet it wouldn't do so bad if it was implemented in this game. Tracks or droppings were not very visible but when you came by one, you were able to activate a search. During the search you follow a trail of small waypoints or highlighted tracks which were more visible than they were originally. Makes sense, when you are looking for something, it's much easier to notice. By the way, we already have a perception, maybe the more perception you have, the easier it will be for you to find tracks and droppings?

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