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    Question 1. The "Dirt" System. Currently you are required to have dirt in your pack to raise land and when you lower land dirt goes in your pack. This system is very inconvenient to the player when a player just needs to lower a small hill, or raise one. I don't quite see a reason for the "dirt" other then a slight "realism" factor that adds a lot of inconvenience. What is the worry about not having the dirt? Couldn't some system be implemented that when a totem is destroyed/removed all land is put back to its original levels? If the Dirt System is kept in what keeps someone from just filling a bin, walking down the river and dropping the bin off? Do bins vanish after a certain time on non-tribal land if they aren't interacted with? If not would you rather have tons and tons of bin filled with dirt all over the game world?

    Question 2. When are "Gates" going to be put in that we can open and close on our walls to keep people out?

    Question 3. When are more items going to be added to Masonry and Bonecraft? Cooking?

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    when are you adding gates to are bases so people cant just log in and the pking system for evil vs evil tribes...

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    recipe totals

    Have you considered limiting the total number of recipe types per character?

    Allowing a characters to spec every skill and learn every recipe in the game will lead to excessive macroing and players burning out.. it will also make solo players able to be totally self suffecient and give them no need to interact with others or to join tribes. They will be able to make everything in the game as well as terraform a tribe area all on their own. I would support players being able to be solo but not be the best of everything. Jack of all trades but master at none idea.

    I would limit everyone to a set number of recipe types and they can pick which ones.

    Example: I want to be focused on leather crafting. I get a character total of 10 recipes lines. If I choose to learn 6 recipe lines in leather crafting that gives me 4 more recipe lines to place in all the other skills. If I learn 2 recipe lines in tailoring and 1 in bonecraft that leaves me with 1 more recipe line.. maybe I would shoot for another tailoring line or pick up a basket making line.

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